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Changzhou JuYou new material Technology Limited focused on new polymer materials, such as silicone and various new nano coating. The company has its own R & D team. Location close to Shanghai, located in the economically developed Yangtze River Delta Center – Changzhou.

The main products into the camp: silicone, silicone emulsions, silicone defoamers, silicone additives, silicone rubber, silicone materials and all kinds of new nano-coating. Products are widely used in petroleum, petrochemical, textile, construction, electrical and electronics, agriculture, automotive, photovoltaics and paint and other fields.

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There are many applications of silicone oil in our lives, which are reflected in all aspects of us. Today we mainly talk about the role of silicone oil in the cosmetics industry. We all know that cosmetics are very expensive now. Even so, many people still use them. Now ...

Skin care knowledge is shared daily

Skin care knowledge is shared daily PDMS Composition   PDMS (Polydimethylsiloxane), is a hydrophobic silicone material. In drugs, daily chemical products, food, construction and other fields have been applied, its derivatives have reached hundreds of kinds, commonly used polysiloxane mainly ...

Application of silicone oil in cosmetics

Application of silicone oil in cosmetics Silicone oil can be well used in cosmetics production to improve the performance of cosmetics. Silicone oil has a low surface tension combined with the viscosity, Can make cosmetics other components easy to spread on the skin into a film, And has no stick...

Heat conduction potting adhesive in new energy vehicles

Heat conduction potting adhesive in new energy vehicles Under the general trend of energy conservation and emission reduction, the new energy vehicle industry has ushered in unprecedented development opportunities. Among them, new energy electric vehicles use batteries, motors and energy conversi...